Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy birthday to my little daughter, Aulia!

Dear Aulia,

This past year has been absolutely amazing. I can't explain how much my life has changed, and yet how much it hasn't. You truly are the perfect addition to our family. You bring so much joy to us that I honestly can't imagine life without you.

Today, we celebrate a year of you. I would not be the mother that i am, without the sleepless nights, and the middle of the night tears. I feel more completed and amazed that you are mine. The truth is, you make me better. More loving, more patient, more generous. Not just a better mother, but also a better wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Happy Birthday to you on this very special day. May the year ahead be one filled with wonderment, learning, exploring, and having fun on life's amazing journey.  Please become a good muslimah as it is a point of value for us as a human. We encourage you to find your way, but please know baba and I will be there to catch you when you fall.

Location : Degrees, Sama-sama Hotel KLIA.
Theme : Rainbow
Feeling : Simply the best ever
In Pictures : Mama, baba, tok, aki, ibu, ayah, nini, abi, ayah cu and kakak tilah.


  1. happy bezday aulia,,,semoga menjadi anak yang solehah...

    muka sebijik reza...

  2. omaigawdd Malinn! baby awak da besar! cutenyaa! she really looks like her daddy! hehehe.. happy birthday Aulia! :)